The new Windy City Plus 10 inch combo amp on demo by Austin

From a recent Windy City amp customer...." Did I say I liked the tone of this little amp, sorry, I meant I freaking love it, I I just played it for about 20 mins, with the 6v6 in it and wow! Blows the Kalamazoo II , I had right out the park"

Ok, did a little time on A/B of Windy vs Harpgear. About same on feedback control, similar tone but Windy needs tone pot at 1 to match HG tone which is at 3/4. So, no more low room on Windy. However, HG does get too muddy if tone pot at 1, so not usable anyway. Might be 8ohm speaker? HG uses same Weber in 4ohm. HG has two inputs, one half the vol. of other. Both have line out. Windy has a brightness switch, HG does not. Windy cabinet is smaller with same output (a good thing). Comparing price, Windy probably half of HG. Windy wins based on price, as it is so close to expensive HG, most players wouldn't care about the slightly warmer HG. For quiet playing, like with acoustic guitar in PA, the HG may have a bit more tonal flexibility. A few more hours will sort that out.

Ok, much more time A/B the HG2 vs the Windy. At top end, Turner mic wide open and amps wide open, equal presence and volume. FBack on HG2 a bit more manipulative, but still close, Windy more like HG2 with brightness off. Wrap her up, I'll take her home (J. Geils)😎. How much? We should also shoot a vid of the A/B with each of our styles. I'll do the wide open part and you do the Rod Piazza part. Would be fun and would sell some amps.

Nothing removed from this review, it's straight ahead honest opinion from a harp player that has been playing for double my age!!!! Thanks Stevo!!!!

Here are a few videos, right from smartphone to youtube...please submit yours to

The new model E-3 Sonic Pipe Amplifier played by Brittany Shane, sounding very awesome, and

Here is musician, singer and songwriter Brittany Shane playing thru the Sonic Pipe Amps model T-1. and

Our buddy Pete Flynn jammin on the new Classic 5 from Sonic Pipe Amps. Its 5 watts, class A driving an 8 inch Celestion speaker. Tweed cabinet all tube, handwired. More info at

Buddy "the Doctor" Wiegelman from Dr Woods Guitar Emporium jamming on the sonic pipe amps , model T-2 , sitting up on the shelf near the mints!! Thanks Doctor!!!!

here is the E-4 sounding full and rich at Dr Woods Guitar Emporium, thanks to "the doctor", Buddy Wiegelman

Here is our Model E-3, jamming by the doctor, Buddy.

Check out our friend Damond going to town with his Hohner Special, Bottle O blues mic and our new E-3.1 Dakota amp! No feedback, lots of dynamic range and loud! More details at
I am playing a Sonic Pipes Practice Amp. It’s an E-3 Model with a brightness feature. Sound is amazing! I am in a large, open room without furniture. The Table is plastic, yet provided enough back pressure to pump the sound. Notice how it begins to gain a crunch as I flip the Toggle Switch! Note: I did NOT increase volume. The volume knob is previously set at 75%. I play the beginning with toggle switched off. I simply switch on and finish playing the song!
— Damond Burpo

"Your amps look cool!.......I'll definitely spread the word....My friend Jeff Byrd (who is the sound engineer for Explosions in the Sky) likes them too."    Brittany Shane, Musician, Songwriter and Singer


"These amps are perfect for Bass....grab it, put it on the desk next to your computer and jam!"  Kenny Eichmann, Musician

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