T Style Sonic Pipe Amp, Model T-2


T Style Sonic Pipe Amp, Model T-2

from 45.00

· Unique one of a kind Dual speaker Sonic Ported battery powered portable mini amp

·  Vary the sound by changing the position of the port, an infinite combination of tones and levels are possible

·  Simple use, plug and play

·  Dual speaker phasing technique delivers powerful sound , upto 92db SPL at 1meter, highest power, 1 watt, mini amp on the market will “SMOKE” the other guys amp!!

·  High energy ceramic magnet speakers provide smooth extended mid and high frequency response

·  Front and rear firing speakers provides room filling volume

·   Play it backed off for nice clean rich sound or crank it for fuzz

·   Small, lightweight  totally portable, wearable

·   9v battery included

·   Made in the USA

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