Sonic Pipe Amps

Tube and Solid State Amplifiers for Guitar, Bass and Harmonica

The 5 Watt Tweed all tube handwired amp from Sonic Pipe Amps

The 5 Watt Tweed all tube handwired amp from Sonic Pipe Amps

Welcome to   The links at the top of the page including "Products" is where you will find the amps, the videos and of course, how to buy!.  We are a small startup amp company with new products and updates coming all the time, so be sure to check back.  In the meantime, below is a bit of history on the way to comae to be....enjoy!

Think round peg square hole....speakers are naturally round and they almost always get stuck in square boxes.

We thought it was time to disrupt that traditional thinking.  Having been around guitar players combined with an electronics engineering background and lots of prototyping we came up with a natural combination that has become the Sonic Pipe Amplifiers. 

Combine high performance speakers, unique "natural" packaging add high tech solid state electronic amplifiers and the Sonic Pipe Amp is born!

Portability, freedom from power outlets and variable sound characteristics are all features we included in these designs.  By designing the amplifiers to be highly efficient, 9 volt batteries supply power, no need to use clunky wall wart adapters and tie yourself to a wall outlet.

Pick it up and put in on the table, down on the floor, carpet or chair.  The different surfaces change the tone and level of the sound giving you the ability to play a million different combinations of riffs.  Take it one level further and lay any of the Sonic Pipe Amps on their side and get ready for a whole new set of sounds!  With the T Style T-1 on its side and the sound pumps out of the bottom port giving a whole new depth in the sound.  Take the Elbow E-3 and lay it down...WOW...the bottom becomes a port you can point  and adjust for that exact sound you are looking for.

In June 2014 we introduced our Fuzz pedal, the Fuzz Pipe.  Its a Silicon based design, simple to use, uses one 9 v battery and has a top label thats customizable

Keeping with our theme of pipe and tube, we developed our version of the calssic Tweed 5F1 all tube amp.  Noting beats the sound of a 6V6 tube driving an 8 Inch speaker in a tweed cabinet!  We updated the components , using modern high quality off the shelf components and custom transformers.  Combined with an all tube handwired chassis the result is our 5 watt Tweed amp!

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